ALKMIE - My Best O-Pal Body Roller
ALKMIE - My Best O-Pal Body Roller
ALKMIE - My Best O-Pal Body Roller
ALKMIE - My Best O-Pal Body Roller
ALKMIE - My Best O-Pal Body Roller
ALKMIE - My Best O-Pal Body Roller

ALKMIE - My Best O-Pal Body Roller

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Meet My best o-pal: a body roller made out of natural white opal. A massage performed with it is something more than just a relaxing ritual - it's also a perfect way to improve microcirculation, decrease puffiness and firm the skin. Using it will become your everyday moment of pleasure!

◉ A body massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, which decreases puffiness.

◉ Regularly practiced, it influences the improvement of elasticity and firmness of the skin.

◉ The feeling of coolness that you feel during the massage helps reduce the visibility of pores.

◉ It amazingly relaxes, soothes and relieves stress, greatly improving your mood!

◉ Opal is a stone particularly recommended for those with delicate and sensitive skin.

◉ White opal, which the roller is made of, is a 100% natural stone, carefully selected, without synthetic additives or colourings.


The roller was designed to allow for easy massage of every body part. It has a head made of four identical spheres, which help apply even, reasonable pressure on the skin and muscles. Golden elements add elegance to the roller, making this product a great gift, both for someone close and for yourself! Additionally, it's packaged in a decorative box with a fitted insert, which allows for practical and safe storage.


1. Upper body: start the massage at the hips and move upward. Imagine a line separating right and left sides of the stomach - massage each side from the navel toward the outermost part of the ribs (moving toward the armpits), alternately.

2. Hands: start the massage from the outer palm and move upward - first to the elbow, then to the shoulder. First, massage the outer, then the inner parts of each section.

3. Neckline: apply the massager to the clavicle, close to the sternum, and lead it to the outer side - toward the armpits.

4. Back: put the roller close to the hips on the spine and move it arternately towards the outer sides of the back. Apply the roller higher and higher until you reach the shoulders and nape.

5. Legs: roll starting with ankles and moving up to the knees, then from the knees to the groin.


◉ The roller is designer for everyday use.

◉ The optimal massage time is 5-10 minutes.

◉ Use it after cleansing the body and applying a balm or butter.

◉ Massage the body gently and don't press too hard on the skin.

◉ Each massage should be done symmetrically on the left and right side.

◉ Repeat all moves 5-10 times.

Cleaning: Wipe the roller down with a clean cloth and dry it. Don't wash it in hot water and don't submerge it. Do not use harsh detergents to clean it.

More Than natural cosmetics


ALKMIE is a new generation of active cosmetics. Creating new products, we follow the values that accompany our brand from the very beginning: advanced formulations, the highest quality, and unique ingredients in high concentrations. Welcome to the amazing world of ALKMIE!

Our Philosophy


Highest quality products by GMP Certified Manufacturer


VIVA! Approved 100% Vegan Products


PETA Certified 100% Non Animal Testing. #beautywithoutbunnies


100% Recycled and Eco-Friendly Packaging


Up to 99% Natural. Does not contain Parabens, SLS, SLES, Chemical Filers, etc.


Safe and effective, tested and approved by Dermatologists

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