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Alkemie: Trend Alert!

The common aim of all TREND ALERT cosmetics is to provide complex support and hydration of the skin which is vital for beautiful and healthy skin. Independently of the leading trend (skin definition) of the line, each of the cosmetics contains a carefully selected mixture of ingredients with multi-directional care effects.

Alkemie TREND ALERT – the holistic well-being of skin the needs of skin are not permanent: they change not only over time but also on a cyclical basis.


It applies to changes of:

  • The circadian rhythm (programmed biochemical skin changes in a 24-hour cycle)
  • The monthly cycle (e.g. hormonal changes which influence the process of sebum production)
  • The annual cycle (the needs of the same skin can be completely different depending on the season)


Alkemie Ensures:

  • Safe and skin-friendly bases
  • High concentrations of active ingredients which ensure high effectiveness
  • Complementary active ingredients which have complex and multi-directional effects
  • Tested and certified ingredients from monitored cultivation
  • Formulas suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Modern, natural penetration promoters and ingredients with biomimetic and neuro-cosmetic effects, which guarantees their active, targeted influence on selected processes of cellular biochemistry