Green Alchemist

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Welcome Gift

Receive50 Creditsfor free! (HK$50)Automatically applies when checking outCan be used in the same day, In-Shop or Online ShopOnly be used spending upon HK$400Credits last for 14 days

Membership Point System

Receive1 pointfor everyHK$1spentEvery2000 pointscan be used asHK$100Membership Points can only:Be assigned 1 day after purchase (Automatically added to your Membership Account)Be redeemed and used through our Online ShopOnly be used spending uponHK$300Last until the 31/12 of the following year

Exclusive Promotions

Exclusive promotional discounts or offers only for our membersReceive news and promotions before launchBe part of our Giveaways, Lottery and Games!


Gold Alchemist

To Upgrade to a Gold Alchemist, you must first, Sign Up as Green Alchemist and complete a single purchase upon $1500. As simple as that

Store-Wide Discount

​Receive10% Offon ALL itemsAll year longAutomatically applies when checking outGold Alchemist lasts for 1 year,To renew you must complete a single purchase of $1500

Birthday Gift

Receive 50 Credits for free! (HK$50)Automatically applies when checking outOnly be used spending upon HK$400Credits last for 14 days

And of course, all the Green Alchemist Perks:

Welcome GiftMembership Point SystemExclusive Promotions