As a fundamental believer in the conservation of our green world, Elpis Life strives to provide customers with effective and environmentally-friendly beauty products so you can look good and feel good.

More than ever before, consumers around the world are making the choice to shop green, playing their part in protecting the Earth and opting for sustainable products with less impact on the planet. Join us in the eco-conscious movement to help reduce waste and produce less greenhouse gas emissions while enjoying better-quality products!
All our products are not just made in Europe using at least 95% natural ingredients, but they are also 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free, composed of natural and organic components, dermatologist-approved, and eco-friendly—what’s not to like?!

Caring for yourself and for the environment goes hand-in-hand. Come join our family and find out why we should be your one-stop shop for all things clean beauty!

Browse through the internet to find our products in multiple online platforms, or at our e-shop to purchase the same high-quality products anytime, anywhere! Express delivery is available throughout Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and usually dispatched within one working day, so you can receive your order in a fast and convenient way. You may also choose self-collection, which is ready for pick-up within 24 hours. We even have an e-shop in WeChat for our friends in Mainland China!



European Award Winning Brands


Approved 100% Vegan Products


100% Non Animal Testing


Recyclable or Recycled and Eco-Friendly Packaging


Certified & does not contain Parabens, SLS, SLES, Chemical Filers, etc


Safe and effective, tested and approved by Dermatologists

official exclusive brand


If you’re looking for the perfect cosmetic solution, that usually means just focusing on one skin problem while dismissing the rest, or buying separate products to solve each problem.
But Alkmie knows no issue appears in a vacuum, which is why its goal is to create cosmetic products that are multifunctional and thoroughly answer your skin’s needs.

Alkmie is a Polish brand of natural cosmetics. It’s inspired by nature and made with the most recent scientific knowledge, choosing the best ingredients from sustainable and eco-friendly sources from all over the world and combining them in concentrations as effective and as safe as can be. Every process and product are made together with certified dermatologists and cosmetologists, and its products are tested effectively using clinical trials.

In every Alkmie product, you will find effective formulas acting multidimensionally, but also the joy of application, enchanting aromas, and beautiful, artistic packaging. Available in Log-On are Alkmie’s best-selling series including Anti-age, Microbiome (for dry and sensitive skin), Snow White (for whitening), and Nature’s Treasure (to revitalise).

Official Exclusive Brand


Mokann is a sure hit for lovers of natural care. It has been continuously recognised for its ambitiously refined compositions of beautiful fragrances, glass packaging, and design.

The recipes of Mokann products are the result of the collaboration between technologists and cosmetologists so they are able to meet the real needs of customers well. Another reason you’ll love Mokann is the unique scent of each cosmetic product, including its essential oils and extracts. On top of that, Mokann is also presented in stunning glass packaging with a minimalist design that will surely appeal to anyone!
When you travel to Europe, you may even spot some of Mokann’s products used in beauty salons, spas, and hotels. The brand has strived for dynamic development in order to introduce novelties that are in line with the needs of customers. Mokann’s body moisturising products, salts and scrubs, and natural oils are available in Log-On.



H-armony. We understand the significance of the balance between all the areas of our life – professional and private. We encourage a holistic approach focusing as much on the physical wellness as on the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

A-ffirmation. We love the natural. We cherish life in all its variations.
We respect the differences which make each person a unique universe. We embrace diversity. At Hagi, we like one another and ourselves.

G-reen. We are constantly amazed by the beauty of plants and our planet. We are all for green environment and respect for nature which is the richest source of human wellbeing.

I-nspiration. Our primary inspiration comes from people and their body care needs. We create products which support and regulate natural skin protection processes and seek innovative skincare solutions.